How it works

Necrosis is a form of cell death due to acute stress or cellular trauma, on the contrary, Apoptosis is carried out in an orderly and regulated way, with a benefit during the life cycle of the organism. Blood and epithelial cells, for example, are constantly renewed from their stem cells progenitors; but this proliferation is compensated by a constant cell death. In one year, the changed cell mass is equal to the mass of the body itself.

During the session, in a controlled way by a thermostat, ICE 21 decreases the temperature of the plates. The plates located on the skin for all the duration of the treatment cause the cooling of the skin itself and the process of apoptosis starts. Muscle stimulation, working at the same time, will help and speed up this process.

A variation of external temperature recognized by the central nervous system, induces an alteration of the muscular system, manifesting in dilation, or in constriction, of blood vessels. This phenomenon happens because the blood collects heat in the inner areas of the body and carries it in the peripheral ones. In case of cooling, vasoconstriction accelerates blood flow (therefore thermal energy). The temperature of venous blood, when it comes to the heart, is lower by 1 ° C than that one coming from arterial blood, in this operation it is transferred 1 Kcal of energy.

Zones of ice21 affection

Status changes significantly during physical effort: blood coming from the outer periphery of the body can increase up to 10 times, in order to obtain a greater heat dissipation produced by the muscles due to local metabolic activity. For this reason thermoregulatory system has to intensify its work. Through the temporary exposure of the skin to cold, the activity of the brown fat is activated, which exploits the lipid as a substrate to produce heat and to ensure the return of the normal body temperature. Producing more heat, more energy is consumed and metabolism is sped up.


Patented wave, exclusive property of 21 Equipment
Lymphatic drainage, thanks to the perfect synergy between the unit pulses and the heart


Weight-loss program with a inch loss from 1 to 4 cm from the first session


80% Firming with 20% Slimming. This program is a passive exercise that really tones up


100% firming program, comparable with the Pilates method


Deep muscles toning, works on all the muscle fibres, for a lifting effect all over the body. It is a complete muscular treatment to reshape your silhouette


Connective stimulation and vibrations to recover skin tone. This program actives collagen and elastin synthesis and increases oxygenation of the tissue to recover the brightness of the skin